Monday, November 14, 2011

Home Improvement

This past weekend we were planning on tackling re-painting our den, but in true Mary Leigh fashion I totally changed plans mid Lowes trip. I have been wanting to hang cabinets in our laundry room inplace of the wire shelf, so we ventured to our Habitat store but no luck! We checked at Lowes and it was going to be over $500, which just isn't in the budget. So, I decided to just copy my bud April's idea.

Here's the sorta before. I forgot to take a picture of the real before, but just imagine a lot of stuff on that wire shelf, like a whole lot!

I scored a can of Oops paint that I thought might work. I love the oops paint at Lowes! For $5 you just can't beat it!

I put some on the walls and quickly realized it was not going to work! It was way way way dark!

Thanks to my collection of paint in the garage I poured together a new mix of paint. I was so nervous... I needed to make sure I mixed enough for the entire room, there was no recreating this color.

Then I painted it on the wall...

Holy smokes... smurf blue.

I texted my mom this picture. So sad.

But at this point I was already hours into the project and I wasn't turning back. Nick was on board helping, so I needed to capitalize on that! So I painted on...

And once it dried, it wasn't too bad. It darkened up. It wasn't so smurf blue and had some green to it. Now, don't get my wrong, I don't think I'd actually pick this color, but hey... for $5 and in a room that can be closed off from the rest of the house... it would work...

Then the next day, we tackled the additional shelf. And by we, I mean Nick... I supervised.

Off to the fabric store for fabric for my curtain. It's so fun and cute (and better looking in person!)

Today, day four of this simple project... I spent over an hour ironing this thing. And who needs to learn to sew when there is hem tape. It may just take forever, but worth it to those of us who can't sew!

Now just some additional hooks for the boys backpacks, keys, and other things and it will be done done done. I am loving it! It may not be the dream cabinets I wanted but it is fantastic and a cheap solution for a room that was getting on my nerves.

Oh, and in other parts of the house...
I scored this lantern at the Habitat for Humanity store for only $15! I have been wanting a lantern in the entry and I love it!!!! New paint job coming in their soon!

But no more painting till after Christmas cause it's time to deck the halls!!!!!!!