Monday, July 28, 2014

Bates' Brain {update}

The updated MRI to check the lesion in Bates' brain was scheduled for early June. They auto scheduled it and we got a like 3:30 MRI time. Well, since he couldn't eat or drink anything for like a million hours before, I knew that would be no fun! So I called and rescheduled it, which just so happened to be during when I was gone to get Nell. Call and reschedule AGAIN. So finally, on the books for the 25th, a Friday at 8:30 am.

I had talked up the "brain picture" with Bates who was less than pleased to be having this done again. But he was up for some serious one on one mommy time.
We had to get a chest xray this go around because they were putting him in a stronger machine and needed to be sure that his hole in his heart wasn't repaired with a wire coil- which I didn't know. FYI, it wasn't. He liked the big "camera" and making his heart smile for the picture. I was so proud of him. Such a big boy!

I'm not sure who this huge child is in this hospital bed, but what happened to my baby. Speaking of big boys, when it was time to go back, he did not even flinch. Last MRI it involved a LOT of tears, and having to take the "happy juice"- it was bad.

But this time, he walked holding the nurses hands. With laugher rolling down the halls since I threatened to pinch his little buns peeking out of that night gown.

I walked around and decided I would enjoy the two hour quiet time by simply sitting outside in the garden And I happened upon a fish pond that had GIANT fish that would swim right over to the edge as soon as you would walk over. They were wanting to be fed!

And the other two, home with daddy. He had to run some errands and I get the "what is Nell supposed to wear text" Bless him. He picked out her dress, did some piggies, and "matching" bows. Way to go, girl dad!

Right at an hour I was allowed to go back and be with my boy as he woke from anesthesia. Some sprite and a few cheetos down him and we were allowed to go home! We headed to the car and then a pit stop at Trader Joes for some yummy goodies.

Bates asked to go on a special lunch date, which I was happy to do. He was laying in the booth, smiling at me for this picture, and then as soon as our food came.... he threw up everywhere.

EVERYWHERE. Luckily there was nothing on his stomach except some sprite, but I don't think the girls right next to us cared. I grabbed napkins, boxes, told the staff and we high tailed it out of there. I was so embarrassed, as was Bates. He has never been sick from anesthesia before, so not sure what that was about, but was fine in the car and once we got home.

I can check that off my Motherhood List: child throws up in restaurant.

We expected the results to come Monday or Tuesday, but when my phone rang on Sunday and it was the Pediatrician's Office, I didn't think that was good news.

Our favorite nurse was on the other end. She said the results of Bates' MRI were faxed over this morning and Dr. Butler was on call, so she went ahead and reviewed them and wanted her to call and let us know.....

That there was NO CHANGE in the lesion.

This is awesome awesome news and I'm so thankful we didn't have to spend three days worrying. They still aren't sure what the lesion is, but no change is awesome. We go to see the neurologist in October, but I need to reschedule that, but no rush to get in, no worries, and probably just some basic routine follow ups needed.


Thursday, July 24, 2014

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

{toGETher} trip two. the flights

So, it was time... the dreaded travel day. I mean what doesn't sound fun about spending 12 hours on a flight with a busy toddler you barely know, who doesn't really like you, who doesn't understand you, and who you don't understand.... then spend 4 hours on a layover and then another hour and a half home..... 

We were going to take the bus back to the airport, which is super easy to do, but it was calling for rain... and lots of it. We didn't think walking to a bus stop and then standing out waiting for a bus in the rain with all our luggage sounded fun, so our apartment host called us a van to take us to the airport! 

We arrived in plenty of time and despite Nell's protesting to the carrier and me about breaking my knee cap on a metal chair, we had no issues. We had time to grab some breakfast while waiting to board. Nell had been on somewhat of a hunger strike, so when she reached for my bagel, I happily gave it to her and watched her eat the rest of it! 

We had time for some Ipad love. Pororo watching, super thanks to daddy who loaded the entire season one in korean on the ipad. 

We skyped with the boys at home (man I was ready to be home and have my arms around them!)

And then it was show time. 

Unforunately the flight was full. As in not one empty seat on the plane and the way we booked our tickets we had two middle seats in the middle section of four seats and the same right behind that. So that meant LeAnn and Annalee were in one row and Nell and I were directly behind them... all of us blocked in by two outside aisle folks.

We boarded and I was kinda nervous. I mean who gets excited when they board and see their seat is riiiiiight next to the lady and a toddler. Bless who ever it was going to be. 

As luck would have it, two men walked down the aisle and I could see their eyes when they noticed lucky them, we were sitting next to them.... 

But yall, it could not have been better. The man beside Nell was so kind, a father himself. And the man beside me was an American who has been living in Korea for 8 years teaching English... and was fluent in Korean. 

And as soon as we took off... Nell was asleep! The men were both giving me the thumbs up. 
The man right beside Nell was so kind to her. Everytime she fell asleep he would raise the arm rest and let her put her feet in his lap. 

And the guy beside me, holy smokes, what a blessing. He was able to ask Nell what she wanted to eat at each meal, talk to her... and my favorite he asked her if she liked her new mommy and she smiled SO BIG and nodded YES! 

The long dreaded flight was simply amazing. Nell ROCKED. She napped, she ate, she colored, she watched a movie WITHOUT headphones as she refused to let me put them on her (so note to you adoptive moms, attempt headphone wearing before the flight!)

And 12 short hours later, we were in Detroit. 

Through immigrations and customs in under 20 minutes and ready for the final leg home. 

But of course, some McDonald's first....

We changed clothes and freshed up... and Nell was out again. She missed the entire flight home.... rested up for her big arrival I guess. Nell was simply the best traveler. Literally maybe 5 minutes of whining the entire 20 hour day! She is a rockstar. 
I could not get off that plane fast enough and together with my family. 
We were home. 
Home. Home. Home. 

{toGETher} time to go home

With adoption decree in hand, passport in hand, and visa sticker... if was official, we could GO HOME! 

One more night's sleep in Korea. 

And when she woke all smiles and realized we were going she was saying "kaja kaja kaja" over and over and over again. She was ready! 

Ready for the grand adventure home. That big long dreaded plane ride.....